Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration

If you have a naked wall in your house and you want to decorate it, I have a great, cheap and fabulous tip for you today. Craft your wall decoration from Toilet Paper Rolls! I have already created my own, not so long ago as you can see it below. All of my friends and guests love it and they don’t even know what is it made from at the first look. They always wonder after I tell them what is it made of. 🙂

Let start with the basics. You gonna need:

  • a lot of toilet paper rolls,
  • scissors,
  • quick-drying paper glue,
  • clothespin,
  • and your favorite color paints.

Step 1.) Preparations
If you have enough toilet paper rolls collected you can start the work. Flatten one roll and cut it into segments approximately the width of your index finger (5-6 segments per roll). At this point I suggest you to create a draft shape of your desire on the ground what you wish to place it later on the wall. Memorize it (take a picture or something).

Step 2.) Painting
Obviously if you would like to create multi colour figure I don’t suggest to stick the pieces together at this point. I painted the pieces one-by-one with acrylic paint and brushes, but if you have any type of paint spray what is good for paper, go ahead and use it. If you want to have only one colour figure, go ahead and stick the pieces together first (step 3), then do this step after (only with paint spray you can switch these steps). Go to next step after the paint is dried.

Step 3.) Sticking
I used clothespin to stick the pieces together so I didn’t need to hold them in my hands until they fully dried, that saved me a lot of time. You can also use staple instead of glue if you want, but I don’t prefer them because they are more visible to the eyes. Your choice.

Step 4.) Finish
After the glue is dried, put it on your wall. Measure it to the wall first, mark the spots where you will pin nails, then put the finishes decoration on your wall. After this all you have to do is just take the pleasure of your beautiful decoration. 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration

I hope you like my own craft and I hope you going to do your own in the near future. Are you?

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