The Secret of Silky Legs – How to Remove Hair?

The Secret of Silky Legs – How to Remove Hair

Hair removal hurts. Nobody likes it. Our legs have appeared so it is time to make them silky smooth. There is known a thousand ways of hair removal: hot and cold wax, creams, epilator, razors, laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal. You have to try all to figure out which one is best for you.

At the end of the post I also have a great DIY skin scrub recipe for you to use before you start to remove the unwanted hair. Keep reading!

Wax is considered to be one of the most effective ways because it rips out the hair including the roots. It is very painful though, but you can get used to it and you can do it at home. Roller-head wax should be applied the same way the hair grows and removed with a strip of textile. You should use it where your skin is stronger (e.g.: legs, arms). The most humane way is hot wax, which can be applied with a spatula; also in the direction the hair grows and after a few seconds tear it off. Be careful not to burn yourself. Also try to wax smaller areas, else it hurts.

Sugar wax is great because you have to apply and remove it the opposite direction so the follicles won’t inflame and there won’t be any ingrown hair. It is less painful than the other ways of waxing. I only use cold wax to remove small, soft hair; in my opinion it is the best way to do that.

People who use epilators are often called fakirs. On the first few times it does hurt and the noise is annoying but you can get used to it. It is good because you don’t have to wait till it grows; it removes also the shorter ones. But with this method ingrown hair is more likely to happen. If you use epilators I suggest you scrub your leg weekly to get rid of dead cells.

Razors are one of our best friends and worst enemy at once. It is fast and the best: painless. It would be a great method if the hair wouldn’t grow back so fast. Okay, no ingrown hairs, but who wants to shave every day?! Those who use razors should use shaving foam to make it easier.

Hair removal cream could be a good solution too if your skin is not sensitive. They contain thioglycolic which dissolve hair under the skin. It’s not that natural and not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal or high-tech IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are not cheap, but you can get rid off your hair for 15-20 years, and feel relaxed. What if hair becomes fashionable again? – you could ask. But in spite of getting temporary hair removal, you can still get hairy again.

So we found the best method for you to get rid of hair. Now you should make skin scrub cream to remove dead skin cells before removing hair. It is easier to remove hair on well-prepared skin; it is less painful and looks better.

The recipes of the skin scrub cream

  • mix sea salt with olive oil
  • mix sugar with honey
  • mix coffee grounds with oil or your shower gel

If you are ready put lotion on your skin but first put a few drops of tea tree oil in it to repose it. Aloe Vera also chills your irritated skin.

Let’s depilate!

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