Simple DIY Body Butter

Fall has come and winter is right behind, which means the cold temperatures are coming. When it comes to our skin, the cold is not our friend. It dries it out, and makes our skin look and feel like dried leather. To combat this, this simple DIY body butter will help keep your skin hydrated, moisturized … Read more

Simple Yet Fun DIY Gel Candles

Candles are all the rage right now and the newest kind are the gel candles. Although gel wax has been around for a while, it has become one of the hottest selling items at craft fairs. Simple to make, they offer a flexibility in designs that regular beeswax and paraffin wax don’t. Here is one … Read more

Strawberry Raspberry Crisp

If you’re the kind of women who express their affections in strawberries and raspberries products, I have a simple yet super delicious strawberry raspberry crisp recipe for you. From now, you will have the ability to prepare the best crisps ever. You also know that, well prepared food with right ingredients is good for your … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Bra?

Okay, girls we all hate wearing bras, but we know that we have to sometimes. Getting that perfect look with comfort takes some work. Here are some things to look for when you are buying your next bra. The strap around the body should be comfortable, but firm. It shouldn’t feel too loose or leave … Read more

Hair Treatments: Argan Oil

One of the hottest rages hitting salons across America and the world is Argan oil hair treatments. Made from the nut of the Argan tree, it grows only in Morroco. Since it is now considered endangered, the cultivation and harvesting is carefully controlled by a few co-operatives that are ran by women. The process to … Read more

Creating a Spa At Home

We all love having a spa day. But sometimes our budget doesn’t allow it, especially in today’s tough economic times. There is still a way to have a spa day at home. Follow these little tricks and hints. Find masks that you like. There are several one use masks like cucumber-melon, mint and clay you … Read more

Clean Without Chemicals

Your house can be spotless without chemicals as well. You want to know how? Now you’re going to find out. We hear daily that inhaling chemicals is very harmful for our lungs and our whole body. Especially when we mix those chemicals and dangerous gases get produced which can have fatal effects. They not only … Read more

BBB for Beautiful Hair

Every women hungers for shiny, healthy hair and therefore we continuously try to find a better way to achieve this with different things. You may not have heard about this special hair brush what I’m gonna introduce you now. Most of the hair brushes are made of a stick, rigid and soft bristles. We use them for … Read more

Autumn Pumpkin Brownies

Fall has arrived. The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping and the last of the harvest is coming in. That means that it’s time for our favorite fall foods and one of my favorites is Pumpkin Brownies. It is everything that reminds of fall and the last harvest. 1 Cup Pumpkin 1 ½ Cups … Read more