Newest Fashion Jewelry: The Panja Ring-Bracelet

Panja Ring-Bracelet

Do you have some old necklace chains laying around that you don’t wear anymore because they just aren’t in style? Try recycling them into a Panja Ring-Bracelet. Now you may be wondering a couple of things. First, what is a Panja Ring-Bracelet and second how do I make it?

Well, first the Panja Ring-Bracelet is commonly known as the ring bracelet combo. You can see examples everywhere jewelry is sold from craft fairs and shows to fine jewelry stores.

Second, there is a great blog post by Gloria, who is a student at the University of Michigan. She not only takes through making the Panja step by step, there are also great pictures that include what she is talking about. With the easy to understand instructions, some of the pictures even have a before and after so you can clearly see what she is talking about.

So, don’t throw those old necklace chains out. Upcycle them into a very fashionable Panja ring-bracelet and become a fashionista.

Click the link below for the step-by-step instructions of how you make your own Panja Ring-Bracelet.

DIY: Upcycling a Necklace into a Panja Ring-Bracelet

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