Ingredients to Avoid

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It is obvious that every woman wants to look good and attractive. This brings out the urge for all of us to apply staffs on our skin without worrying much about the ingredients and the consequences that follows their application. Beware! It takes as little as 26 seconds for chemicals to be absorbed in the blood stream. Below you can find examples of ingredients you should look out for and avoid in what you apply on your skin.

Phthalates is found in hair sprays perfumes and lipsticks. It is used to give synthetic fragrance in the mentioned products. Beware that the ingredient causes infertility and poor fetal development.

Isopropyl is derived from petroleum products and is found in several body and skin care products. It causes irritation and dries your skin. The consequences of using this ingredient is that it makes you vulnerable to viruses, bacteria’s or even molds. It also results to an ageing face.

Those are only a few among the ingredients you should not use if you want to live fit; there are lot more of them. So what’s in Your products? Read more about those ingredients you should avoid at the link below.

Ingredients to Avoid

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