How To Shape Your Eyebrows Correctly

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If you want to know how to shape eyebrows correctly, you are in the right place. Many girls shape their eyebrows in a bad way, and this article will show you what they are doing badly and what are the correct ways of shaping.

Bad Shaping Habits

These are some bad shaping habits according to Paula Begoun, in her book, The Complete Beauty Bible.

  1. Over tweezing. You should never tweeze above your brow, but underneath. The reason is that over-tweezing can ruin the natural shape of a brow.
  2. Overstating the shape of a brow. The best you can do is minimal brow alteration.
  3. Plunking your brows into a thin line will not make them larger. They will look contrived, strange, and even sinister. They may give your face a surprising look, which is not attractive or natural.
  4. Filling in your eyebrows with an eyeliner pencil or eyebrow pencil. They will make your eyebrows look shaded or very soft, but it is not a problem if you are adept at doing it.
  5. Using eyebrow powders of different colors than that of your own eyebrow. It is recommended to match your existing brow color.
  6. Applying a brown color that has a draw-on look or that is obvious.
  7. Darken your eyebrows too much. You should avoid darkening your eyebrows too much. This is especially important as women grow older because eyebrows tend to fade as we grow older.
  8. Forgetting to check the end result in daylight to make sure you get a finished and natural look.

Correct Shaping Habits

These are some correct shaping habits according to Julia Conway, in her book, Make-Up Artistry:

  1. Sterilize the tweezers before using them. A sterilizing or autoclave solution is a suitable method of sterilization.
  2. Make sure your neck and head are well supported. Your hair must be away from your face.
  3. Remove all grease from the eyebrow and clean the area.
  4. Use wool pads of warm cotton to the area, after establishing the correct position of the eyebrow.
  5. The removed hair must be put on a tissue.
  6. You have to check that the shaping is correct. Both brows must be even, as well.
  7. Aftercare. It is important to apply a soothing solution after you have finished. Witch hazel will help you reduce swelling and erythema. Do not apply make-up to the area for 12 hours after the shaping.
  8. Carry out your eyebrow tidy every four to six weeks in order to remove re-growth.

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