How to Find the Perfect Bra?

Perfect bra

Okay, girls we all hate wearing bras, but we know that we have to sometimes. Getting that perfect look with comfort takes some work. Here are some things to look for when you are buying your next bra.

  • The strap around the body should be comfortable, but firm. It shouldn’t feel too loose or leave huge indentations in the skin. Stand sideways in the mirror and look at the back strap. It should be horizontal without riding up or sagging.
  • The under-wires should not poke, dig or rub any part of the chest, breast or arm. It also should rest comfortably against the ribcage, not hit on the breast.
  • You should have a smooth line where your breast and the fabric where the cup ends at the top meet. Also, the breast should be enclosed, not spilling over the top or sides of the cup.

These simple little things will make a world of difference in comfort and fit. Try them, you will see you have a better bust shape and you won’t mind wearing your bra as much.

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