“Never” Put These 12 Foods in The Fridge

4. Olive oil and Sunflower oil

Many people keep their olive oil or sunflower oil in the fridge, but they have no business of being there. If you store olive oil in your fridge it will turn thick, opagque and it will turn lumpy. The reason for this is that the cold of the fridge will make your oil start to clot. The best place to keep your olive oil, or sunflower oil for that matter, is in a cool and dark place such as your pantry. Buy a dark glass bottle to keep your oil in, if you do so, you can store your oil until up even 18 months.

5. Onions

I don’t know if it is just me, but I love onions. I use them in almost every meal that I make! If you are like me, onions are an essential in the kitchen. You can use them for so many different dishes that it is practically harder not to use them while cooking dinner. Because onions can be stored for a very long time, you can by them all year round. The only thing that you should know, is how to create the right circumstances for them not to go bad. By doing so, you can keep the flavor and nutrition value of your onions intact for up until ten months. You can store onions for a very long time, if you keep them in the right place. The best way to do this, is to store your onions in the same way as you store your potatoes. In the previous point I have mentioned what the best way is to store your potatoes (cold and dry places preferably in the pantry) Just pay attention that you don’t store your onions next to your potatoes. Because of the gasses that potatotes release, the onions could go bad much faster. Try keeping your onions and potatoes seperate in your pantry by keeping them on different shelves.

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