“Never” Put These 12 Foods in The Fridge

2. Basil

You are probably wondering why basil is on this list. After all, you can find fresh basil leaves in the refrigerated area at the supermarket, is what you are thinking right? Basil is actually not resistant to cold temperature and the plant will wither in your refrigerator before you know it. Also, the plant will absorb the scent of the other foods stored in your fridge. To keep your basil fresh for a longer period of time, the best thing you can do is to treat it as a regular plant or flower and put the stem of the basil in a glass water. If after preparing your meal you find yourself having some basil left over you can blanch the leaves and put it in your freezer. This way you can enjoy your basil leaves for a lot longer!

3. Potatoes

The cold temperature of your fridge will cause the skin of your potatoes to go bad quicker. If you keep them in the fridge for too long you will notice that your potatoes will shortly start tasting sweeter, drier and maybe even a little sandy. The reason for this is that the cold causes the starch that you find in your potatoes to process into sugar a lot faster than you would keep them stashed outside of the fridge. Instead of keeping your potatoes in the fridge, you should stash them in a place that is less cold such as a pantry or even a basement. Ultimately, you can store your potatoes in a paper bag, to provide your potatoes with better air circulation, resulting in them tasting fresh for much longer.

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