“Never” Put These 12 Foods in The Fridge

You can’t probably imagine a life without a refrigerator. Where else would you keep your milk or yogurt without them going bad within a day? Unfortunately, not all food stay fresh in the fridge. On the contrary, it is even dangerous to keep certain foods stored in your refrigerator because some nutrients won’t hold up in cold temperatures. If you want to know what type of food you shouldn’t be keeping in the fridge continue to the next page.

We will list the 12 food that is mostly kept in the fridge, that have no business being in there! I can tell you for a fact that I will probably find number 9 in your fridge…

1. Tomatoes

After a long trip to the supermarket you probably place your tomatoes immediately in the fridge, don’t you? I am not sure if everyone does this but I definitely know I do. I do this with all type of tomatoes even the small tomatoes better known as cherry tomatoes. No one has actually ever told me that I am not supposed to keep these fruits in the fridge, so I remained on doing so until I read this. Because of the cold air in your fridge, the ripening process of the tomatoes is interrupted which can result in a loss of texture and flavor and I think that is the last thing you want to happen to your tomatoes right? It is best if you keep your tomatoes outside of the fridge. You can keep them fresh for much longer if you keep them in a fruit bowl for example. This way you will keep the taste in tact and you will also add some color and volume to your fruit bowl!

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