Hair Treatments: Argan Oil

Hair Treatments: Argan Oil

One of the hottest rages hitting salons across America and the world is Argan oil hair treatments. Made from the nut of the Argan tree, it grows only in Morroco. Since it is now considered endangered, the cultivation and harvesting is carefully controlled by a few co-operatives that are ran by women. The process to make one liter of oil takes 3 days, using centuries old techniques.

Argan oil offers hair a natural hydrator and moisturizer. One way to use this for our hairs benefits is as a leave on conditioner. If your hair is dry and brittle because of over use of styling products or equipment, the Argan oil will replace all that essential moisture and oil that is lost. Simply apply to wet hair and style as usual.

Another great use for Argan oil is as an overnight hair treatment. Massage a generous amount into your scalp, hair and the ends wrap your head and go to sleep. In the morning, you will have soft, shiny, beautiful hair that will be the envy of everyone woman you know.

Argan oil is expensive, but worth it. For some the most beautiful hair that you have ever had, nature’s own moisturizer is the way to go.

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