Eat Yourself Pretty!

We all know we have to suffer for beauty. It is true, but you can do things you enjoy for your beauty as well. Like eating. This topic is about food and ingredients which are good for your health. Let’s start with the most feared candy: chocolate.

  1. Dark chocolate: Most of you know that chocolate makes you fat and is responsible for pimples. But do you know what positive effects it has? High-calorie chocolate is healthy and it prettifies too. It is full of protein, iron and improves the body’s oxygen supply. Its high antioxidant content protects the cells, slows down ageing processes and makes absorbing toxins more difficult. I don’t want encourage you to bolt-down, but eating 2-3 pieces of dark chocolate is not a sin at all.

    Dark chocolate contains 8 times the amount of antioxidants, as strawberries. They are excellent together and a real vitamin bomb for body and soul. Dip the strawberry in melted chocolate, it is delicious.

  2. Almond:  Almond is a real nutritional punch, like other oilseeds.  It has lots of vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphor and protein. It is also rich on unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which help producing firming collagen. If your skin is flabby or wrinkly eat a lot of almonds. Almond oil is also a well-known nourishing nutrient.

  3. Spinach: I used to hate spinach, although I didn’t even try it because of its look. Some time ago I had the opportunity to try it and to tell the truth I liked it. Spinach is cheap and effective.  You should eat it raw or steamed because precious nutrients like the firming and anti-wrinkling collagen won’t damage that way. This vegetable contains iron, folic acid and protein as well, and there are only 49 calories in a mug. You can drink it as a refreshing shake too.  Who likes spinach now?

    Fantastic firming shake! Put 4 kiwis, 2 apples, juice of half a lime, a half a banana, 2 spoons of honey and a mug of spinach in the blending machine. Pour it up with water, tea or milk of your taste. Blend it and drink it!

  4. Pumpkin: Pumpkins are not only delicious baked it they are also full of beautifying nutrition. It contains vitamin -B5, -C, -E and also alpha-carotene (it strengthens your hair and nails), potassium, calcium and protein. Eating it makes your skin prettier and helps to deal with pimples. The seeds of pumpkins consists omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, firming zinc and more vitamin E and protein. Pumpkins are low on calories, so they are suitable for people on diet. What a vitamin boost! Pumpkins are not only delicious baked you can also eat it as cream soup or in cakes.

  5. Pomegranate: Pomegranate is a great source of anti-oxidants among fruits. It contains a lot of flavonoid. This compound effectively fights cell-killing molecules. This red fruit protects our skin against ageing and encourages the body to produce collagen, which is well-known for slowing down ageing processes. If you wish for beautiful skin eat pomegranate as often as you can.

    You can try a pomegranate facial mask, to make your skin firmer and glowing. Blend it with honey and yogurt, if you need a cleanser mask and it is also great moisture for example with cucumber.

Bon appetite!

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