Easy Melt & Pour Soaps To Decorate Your Bath

Easy Melt & Pour Soaps To Decorate Your Bath

Everyone loves to have decorator soaps, especially for their guest bath. It just seems to add a touch of class. Here are some simple melt and pour ideas to give your bath that extra special look.

See Through Soaps

These are glycerin soaps. Very easy to use, there are even some that you can melt in the microwave.

You will need one brick of Glycerin Soap Base
Mold of your Choice.
Soap Coloring: Do not use candle coloring or food coloring. They are not color fast and will turn your skin the color of the soap. Get the specially designed soap dyes that are color fast.
Scent of your choice.

If you bought the melt and pour, melt in a small sauce pan over low heat. Add a little of the dye at a time until it reaches the color you want and then add your scent.

Pour into molds and cool. Flip the mold over to pop them out, and you have soap.

No See Through Soaps

There are soap bases that aren’t see through and still are glycerin or a whole host of other types. You will follow the same instructions as above to create the design that you want.


There are a wide variety of molds and the sky is the limit. From single large bar to 4 smaller bars, you can create shapes such as balls, shells and seahorses. You can also get molds that are bar shaped but they have a design such as moons, lighthouses and shells.

You can find these online or at your local craft store.

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