Easy DIY T-Shirt Folder Machine

Use the Folding Board

Let’s face it, when you have limited drawer space, trying to get all of you t-shirts to fit and still be nicely folded can be difficult. Often times, no matter how hard we try, our t-shirts have a wrinkled appearance from trying to jam them into drawers. This easy DIY T-Shirt folder will eliminate that.

Making them nicely folded, yet compact, you can easily search through your drawers to find the shirt you want to wear without disturbing or wrinkling the other.


  • 1 Medium to Large Cardboard Box. You can get these almost anywhere for free. Check with your local grocery, big box store or liquor store.
  • 1 Box Knife. You can find these at any hard ware store, Stanley is a good and durable brand.
  • Ruler. Just a standard school ruler will work, but if you have a tape measure that will work too.
  • Pencil. No pens, you may have to change the marks
  • Masking tape.
  • Your T-Shirts


Create your own DIY T-shirt Folder Machine and make folding fun and never been easier. #DIY #Folder #Machine:

  1. Cut the box at each of the four corners so that it lays flat.
  2. Mark the Cardboard with the following Dimensions and Letters (you’re going to basically make a DIY instruction panel with letters to follow).
    • A. 72cm x 25cm . You will Make two of these
    • B. 72 cm x 35 cm . One only
    • C. 35 cm x 25 cm. One only.

    If your cardboard doesn’t make all the pieces, don’t worry, just make them all in proportion (scale down if needed)

  3. Cut along your marks. Be sure to do it on a surface that doesn’t matter if the knife goes through and mark it.
    If the box has folds what goes against your design, you can bolster them with tape, but results may vary doing this.
  4. Place the B portion on the floor. This is the base of the project.
  5. Take piece C and line it up and centered at one end of piece B. This is just to get the spacing correct.
  6. Now flip piece C over to the other end STARTING from where you placed it. There should be some overhang. This is where it will stay.
  7. Place each Piece A on both sides of piece C and on top of piece B. There will be overhang, but that is okay.
  8. Tape Each of the pieces in place.

Using Your Folder

Okay, now that you’ve built it, let’s show you how to use it.

  1. Place your shirt front side down with the neck against the top of Piece C.
  2. Fold the sleeves in to that there is a straight line on the border. Long Sleeves will require a longer fold.
  3. Fold pieces A over one at a time so that the shirt is covered. Then return pieces back to original position
  4. Fold over piece C until folded, then return back to original position.

Viola! You have just neatly folded your first shirt.

Read here the original tutorial by Chris Harrigan.

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