Creating a Spa At Home

home spa

We all love having a spa day. But sometimes our budget doesn’t allow it, especially in today’s tough economic times. There is still a way to have a spa day at home. Follow these little tricks and hints.

  • Find masks that you like. There are several one use masks like cucumber-melon, mint and clay you can find anywhere bath items are sold. For example, here are 5 great facial masks out of your fridge.

  • Get your favorite fragrance of bath salts, bubble bath and bath oils. Set at least one-half hour to forty-five minutes aside to take a nice, hot, relaxing bath. Some great scent for de-stressing: Lavender, Vanilla and Chamomile

  • Get some great moisturizing lotions and body sprays. These will leave you not only soft, but smelling great.

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair. This is the perfect time to give your hair a little extra love. Try the apple cider vinegar hair rinse for example.

If you want to have a spa day, but can’t afford it, using these hints and tricks will help you have that fresh from the spa feeling without all the expense.

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