Clean Without Chemicals

Clean Without ChemicalsYour house can be spotless without chemicals as well. You want to know how? Now you’re going to find out. We hear daily that inhaling chemicals is very harmful for our lungs and our whole body. Especially when we mix those chemicals and dangerous gases get produced which can have fatal effects. They not only harm our body, but the environment as well. So I decided to get rid of these chemicals and asked my grandma how they cleaned their houses 20-30 years ago. Then I grabbed baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil, lemons, and olive oil and rubber gloves and started to clean the house. And don’t forget it’s also cheaper.

The apartment is dirty everywhere. The tasks are dusting, window cleaning, vacuum cleaning, mopping and polishing furniture. I started with window cleaning. I needed a bowl of water, a sponge, and vinegar and paper towels. I washed off the dust with a wet sponge then poured about 17oz water and 3 spoonful of vinegar in a bowl and wiped the windows then dried it with the paper towels.

Before cleaning the windows I scattered baking soda on my rug which has freshened up and deodorized it. (I recommend trying it out on a less visible spot, as it can damage the rug). Then I vacuum cleaned it. What a cheap solution!

Now comes the dusting with a wet rag then we polish the furniture. This time I didn’t use polishing fluid but I grabbed olive oil. I poured some oil on a former T-shirt and wiped the table and other furniture. Then I brightened with the non-oily part of the T-shirt. The surface got shiny and not a single oily spot got left. You can also add a few drops of essentials to the oil. On the first sight chemical furniture polish seems cheaper but if you use less expensive oil the natural way is lower priced and you didn’t harm your body or your environment.
Mopping is on. I shed the bucket half with water then poured vinegar and 15 drops of tea tree oil to it. The germs died and the floor is spotless. First it may smell strange but when it dries the tea tree oil leaves a fresh and clean smell.

The next stop is the bathroom. Cleaning the mirrors is the same as cleaning windows. Scales and soap scum is a bit harder to deal with. I rinsed the tiles with water then put water and vinegar (50-50) in a spray bottle and sprayed the tiles then rubbed it with a rag with baking soda. Although vinegar and baking soda do react the gases are not harmful. To deal with tough scale I scatter baking soda then pour vinegar on it. It starts to fizz, a little rubbing and it’s clean. Baking soda is good for the toilet too. The seats should be disinfected with tea tree oil. Then I mopped here too. I cleaned the kitchen with lemons. I sliced on in half and rubbed the shiny surfaces. As I don’t have a dishwasher I poured some vinegar to the dish soap so the dishes dry without drip stains. That’s fantastic!

After we mopped here too we can lay back and enjoy our cheap and environment-friendly cleaned apartment.

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