Lemon & Olive Oil Detox – A Natural Remedy to Boost Immunity

I found out about this lemon/olive oil drink years ago in a book called, The Immune Restoration Handbook, while searching for solutions to help with chronically swollen lymph nodes. Not only did I have problems with swollen lymph nodes, but I also had multiple symptoms including rashes, chronic fatigue, muscle wasting, allergies and many other … Read more

3 Rules of Skin Care

Do you like getting up in the morning drawn-out with bags under your eyes and a morning face? I don’t think so. During the night we not only sleep, we recover freshen up and most importantly we get prettier. You don’t have to pay for expensive lotions; you only need some tips to look better … Read more

Ingredients to Avoid

It is obvious that every woman wants to look good and attractive. This brings out the urge for all of us to apply staffs on our skin without worrying much about the ingredients and the consequences that follows their application. Beware! It takes as little as 26 seconds for chemicals to be absorbed in the … Read more

Simple DIY Body Butter

Fall has come and winter is right behind, which means the cold temperatures are coming. When it comes to our skin, the cold is not our friend. It dries it out, and makes our skin look and feel like dried leather. To combat this, this simple DIY body butter will help keep your skin hydrated, moisturized … Read more

Hair Treatments: Argan Oil

One of the hottest rages hitting salons across America and the world is Argan oil hair treatments. Made from the nut of the Argan tree, it grows only in Morroco. Since it is now considered endangered, the cultivation and harvesting is carefully controlled by a few co-operatives that are ran by women. The process to … Read more

Creating a Spa At Home

We all love having a spa day. But sometimes our budget doesn’t allow it, especially in today’s tough economic times. There is still a way to have a spa day at home. Follow these little tricks and hints. Find masks that you like. There are several one use masks like cucumber-melon, mint and clay you … Read more

Clean Without Chemicals

Your house can be spotless without chemicals as well. You want to know how? Now you’re going to find out. We hear daily that inhaling chemicals is very harmful for our lungs and our whole body. Especially when we mix those chemicals and dangerous gases get produced which can have fatal effects. They not only … Read more