8 Makeup Tips With Glasses

 8 Makeup Tips For Glasses

Once upon a time, wearing glasses was unfashionable and were downright gaudy. Today, however, they are often a fashion statement. With many of the mainstream clothing designers also designing frames, there is a style and color to fit every taste.

But for those gals that wear glasses, it can be difficult to decide how to apply makeup. Glasses change the appearance of the color, shape and size of our eyes. These 8 makeup tips will help you remain fashionable and have a great looking face.

  • Define the eyes. Because glasses make your eyes seem small, you need to define your eyes to make them stand out. Some good rules to follow are: Use an eyeliner that is the same thickness as your frames. For example, if you have thin, wire frames, then use a thinner eyeliner. If your frames are thick, then go thick.
    Also, see where the frames end. If it is close to the eye, then just follow the lash, without extending past them. If you have wider frames that end further away, extend your eyeliner out. This will truly define your eyes.
  • Foundation and Base. It is best to use a mineral or powder base. Liquid and cream foundations tend to settle under the eyes and nest to the nose where the glasses sit, giving you an uneven look. You should use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin for under the eye to hide dark circles and brighten the area.8 Makeup Tips For Glassesfrom diyfashion.com
  • Make it neutral. When you wear glasses, your eye shadow should be a warm, neutral color. Any colors you wear should complement both the frame color and your eye colors.
    To really make your eyes pop, prime the lid first. Then apply a cream-colored matte shadow over the entire lid. Then use a shimmery medium brown shadow and apply to the crease of the eye.
    Then, starting from the outside of the eye, brush your shadow in towards the nose in a windshield wiper motion. Lastly, apply a plum or darker brown to the outer parts of your eyes. This will create a “V” sideways and will really define the crease.
  • Use the mascara. Curl your eye lashes, and then apply one to two coats of mascara. Using smudge proof or water-resistant is the best choice for girls with glasses.
  • Brighten your lips. You can use a bright and bold color on your lips. Because you wear glasses, you can get away with it easily and it will add interest to your face.
  • Use the blush. Using a pink blush to the apple of your cheeks will give you a glow and add more definition and color to a face that is seen wearing glasses.8 Makeup Tips For Glassesfrom bloominsaturation.com
  • Groom those brows. Glasses will make your brows more noticeable, so make sure they are well-trimmed and shaped. If you need to, use brow pencil to fill in any bare areas.
  • Play with your makeup. It is okay to play with your makeup and your glasses to see what looks best on you. You are the one who has to be satisfied, so take the time to play so you know what works best for you.

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup and look good too. Using these 8 tips, you will be able to make your own fashion statement.

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