7 Signs You Have A Bad Fitting Bra

Signs You Have A Bad Fitting Bra

Okay girls, we all know how we hate to wear bras when they fit right, but when they fit badly, they can be downright uncomfortable.

Side Boob

If your breasts are pushed to the side or the underwire hits on the breast rather than on the ribcage, you have a bad fitting bra.  Throw it out now.  It’s unattractive and really, they are painful after even an hour of wearing that bra.

7 Signs You Have A Bad Fitting Bra - The Side Boob (by Gwyneth Paltrow)
The Side Boob (by Gwyneth Paltrow)


Do the breasts spill over the top and give the impression of having four breasts? Throw that bra away the cup is too small for you.  Sometimes we like that pushed up look, but if the bra is too small, you will eventually come to hate it and nobody likes this kind of look.

The Ledge Look

Got indentations on your skin or gives you too much lift?  Then the back and cups are too small. Looking like you have a ledge in your breasts is unattractive, go up a size.

The Super-Drooper

Do your breasts still sag, even when you’re wearing your bra?  It is too big for you. To get rid of the super-drooper look, try adjusting the back and shoulder straps or try a smaller size.

Big Stand Off

Does the bra ride up in the front?  If it doesn’t sit flat on the sternum then you are suffering from the big stand- off and you will need to go down a back size.

Saggy Cup

Do you have wrinkles or saggy cups?  You have cups that are too large.  You need to go down a cup size.

High Rider

Does the back strap ride up over the day?  Hey, you have the high rider, and the back is too small. Go up one back size.

None of us like wearing a bra, but sometimes we have to.  When we do have to wear one, we want it to flatter us, not be uncomfortable and bad fitting. Now you know you have a bad fitting bra, let’s find the perfect fit for us. Click the link below and read my next post about finding the perfect fit for yourself.

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