4 Tips to Fight Aging


4 Tips to Fight Ageing

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None of us like those fine line and wrinkles that we see as we get older. But aging is about more than that. As we grow older, everything starts to slow down including important things like our brains, bones and joints get stiff and sore and muscles just seem to start naturally heading south. These four tips will help you to fight aging on several different levels.

  • Keep your brain alive. We don’t want to just live longer we want our mental faculties to be in good shape too. Doing activities like puzzles or games that require the brain to work will help keep those neurons firing. Studies have shown that people who do activities that require a lot of brain work seem to have better mental function as they grow older.

  • Anti-Oxidants are the key. Free radicals damage our cells everywhere in the body. Anti-oxidants fight and remove them. You can get these from a wide variety of natural foods or in supplements.

  • Use sunscreen. The biggest factor in the appearance of fine lines, brown spots and wrinkles is the sun. Using a sunscreen every time you go out will help reduce its affects. There are cosmetics that now have sunscreen included in them. Also, sunscreen should be reapplied every 3-4 hours as it does lose its effectiveness.

  • Keep active. Nothing ages us quicker than sitting around. Being active and having a social life has shown that not only the exercise but the good feelings generated by being around our friends.

Nobody likes to grow old and they certainly don’t like to look or feel old. Everyone is aware about how diet and exercise can help you live longer, but these tips will help you fight aging at all levels.

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