Don’t be Afraid to Enjoy the Sunshine

Don't be Afraid to Enjoy the Sunshine

Here are 5 reasons to enjoy the sunshine:

  1. The removal of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). No more dark clouds every morning when going for a jog.
  2. The rising of vitamin D causes the bones of a human body to become extra strong. Research has proved that vitamin D can prevent certain cancers and also resist cardiovascular disease.
  3. The sunlight is energizing.
  4. The sun will cause you to sleep less, yet make you more aware all day long.
  5. The sunlight is good for your skin, and the sunlight promotes the production of red blood cells.

Overall the sunlight is good for you; however, it is meant, much like anything, to be used in moderation. Too much sunlight, meaning staying in the sun all day every day, can cause cancer and/or premature aging. Too much sun is also the cause for dehydration and/or a sun stroke. A schedule is key.

Click the link below to read more about these why you shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t be Afraid to Enjoy the Sunshine

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