5 Common Makeup Mistakes We Make



We women love our makeup. It makes us feel good too when we look good on the outside. Learning makeup tricks from the time we first wanted to play with our mom’s makeup, even the most accomplished make artists will make mistakes. Here are the 5 most common makeup mistakes that women make.

  1. The wrong color of foundation. We have a tendency to buy the wrong color of foundation for our faces. This will show up as your face being one shade and your neck another.

  2. Mascara. Many women apply too much, causing it to become clumpy.

  3. Eyebrow over-tweezing. It is okay to trim and tweeze, but don’t make them too thin or over-plucked.

  4. Sleeping in your makeup. This is bad for your skin and will you will wake up with raccoon eyes. Always remove your make up before going to bed.

  5. Blue eye shadow. Okay, this is only okay for little girls, people doing a 70’s theme party or certain models. Avoid it at all costs, because it often makes the wearer look cheap.

We women love our makeup. But we often make these 5 most common mistakes.

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