3 Types Of Salon Straightening Treatment

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When we have curly hair, we hate it. When we have straight hair, we hate it. It seems women are never happy with their natural hair. That is why we spend billions of dollars each year having our hair permed, straightened, cut, styled and colored. So, for curly hair, here are three salon methods that work.

Brazilian Treatment (Keratin Treatment)

Becoming widely popular, this chemical process is much kinder than some of the harsher chemical treatments. Using a protein that occurs naturally in our hair, it still allows you to add curl to your hair for any styles that require it.

Japanese Treatment

This is an extremely harsh chemical process that requires a stylist who is experienced as it can easily damage the hair if not done properly. Also, it requires frequent touch ups.

Traditional Straighteners

Again these are harsh chemicals that do the opposite of perms. These can be hard to find today with the newer methods coming out.

If you want to straighten your hair, at least temporarily, you can try one of these methods. But if you would like to be able to do it just occasionally, try using a blow dryer and a straightening iron. It is effective and doesn’t damage the hair. Read the full article at the link below!

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