3 Rules of Skin Care

Skin care rules

Do you like getting up in the morning drawn-out with bags under your eyes and a morning face? I don’t think so. During the night we not only sleep, we recover freshen up and most importantly we get prettier. You don’t have to pay for expensive lotions; you only need some tips to look better when you get up.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Our skin won’t be spotless if we don’t clean it properly. Before going to sleep remember to clean your face from make-up and other stainings. Always. Every night. After cleansing comes hydration. That’s the first golden rule. At least once a week scrub your body to get rid of dead skin cells. That way your skin will be glowing and soft.

    Low-cost facial scrub cream: 1 spoonful of olive oil mixed with 1 spoonful of sugar. Rub it on your face, and wash it off with lukewarm water.

  2. Drink a lot of water during the day, at least 9-10 cups. Eat fruits and soups to replace fluids. Second golden rule: Never wait to get thirsty. Your skin shows dehydration and it gets dry and wrinkled.

  3. Sleep more! You need about 6-9 hours of sleep daily. There are sleep rhythms of 1.5 hours. So in fact it’s better to sleep 6 hours than sleeping 6.5. Always sleep 6 hours, 7.5, or 9.That’s the third golden rule.

If you obey these simple rules you already did a lot for your skin and it didn’t cost you anything. Cleaning your face should become part of your daily routine, no excuses.

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